Neil Rosen's MITPlayer

We exclusively use Neil Rosen's MITPlayer for our music programming needs. Screenshots below. The MITPlayer is the only player written specifically for folkdancing. It's simply magnificent, with many special features for running folkdance sessions. The dance hall display, put on a second monitor, has a clean frame that shows previous, current, and upcoming dances for the dancers. The red "thermometer" shows where you are in the current dance.

News Flash! We are currently upgrading the player software to fix the remaining bugs and add many useful features. Ping Murray to find out about the development.

Get the original version here:
Zip file with all necessary files

Downloadable powerpoint slideshow most of its features
Online (klunky) slideshow of most of its features

Questions?   Email Neil if you want to wait a long time for an answer. Might be better to ping Murray

          Link (ren exe)