Neil Rosen's MITPlayer

We exclusively use the MITPlayer for our music programming needs. Screenshots below. The MITPlayer is the only music app written specifically for folk dance sessions. It's a well-designed program, with many special features for running dance sessions. The Dance Hall display (1st image below), usually placed on a separate monitor, has a clean frame that shows previous, current, and upcoming dances in large fonts for the dancers. The red "thermometer" shows where you are in the current dance.

Program Queue panel; Holder Area (scratch pad for programming); Search for dances by any attribute (country, type, difficulty, style, choreographer); Dynamic inter-dance pauses; Teaser function (for couples and sets); Delayed play so programmer can leave computer to lead dance; Easy creation of playlists; Function key controls for remote control; Memory of dance volume settings; "Dance already played today" warning; Automatic memory of dates dance was taught and played; Frequency counts over any time period; and more.

News! Continuing the Player updates, with many useful features and bug fixes.

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   The basics (espec for novice users)
   Advanced options

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– For newbies starting from scratch: Full zip file (all software plus sample database) — Not for existing users!
   ➔ Unzip and follow instructions in the README file, AND read documentation (below)
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   ➔ Unzip and follow instructions in the README file, AND read documentation (below)

Documentation – aka your "must-reads"
   Newbie documentation
   Long-term users documentation
   Music collection with extensive MP3/ID3 tags?   How to export id3 tags for database
   Powerpoint slideshow of most features   NFO workshop (2hr)

Links for tools (referenced in the docs)
   Got accents? Help rename files

– Runtime error 50003?  Use OldOS version [select download option, rename as .exe]

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The original version: No longer available