Neil Rosen's MITPlayer

We exclusively use the MITPlayer for our music programming needs. Screenshots below. The MITPlayer is the only music app written specifically for folk dance sessions. It's a well-designed program, with many special features for running dance sessions. The Dance Hall display (1st image below), usually placed on a separate monitor, has a clean frame that shows previous, current, and upcoming dances in large fonts for the dancers. The red "thermometer" shows where you are in the current dance.

Program Queue panel; Holder Area (scratch pad for programming); Search for dances by any attribute (country, type, difficulty, style, choreographer); Dynamic inter-dance pauses; Teaser function (for couples and sets); Delayed play so programmer can leave computer to lead dance; Easy creation of playlists; Drag'n'drop dance additions to database; Memory of dance volume settings (optional: speed also); Function key controls for remote control; "Dance already played today" warning; Automatic memory of dates dance was taught and played; Frequency counts over any time period; and more.

News! Continuing the Player updates, with many useful features and bug fixes.

Watch our video tutorials!
   The basics (espec for novice users) [updated]    Advanced options

Get the newest versionHave the latest?   It's 4.4 (23)
– For newbies starting from scratch: Full zip file (all software plus sample database) — Not for existing users!
   ➔ Unzip and follow instructions in the README file, AND Read documentation (below)
– Upgrade for existing users ONLY: Upgrade zip file (executable)
   ➔ Unzip and follow instructions in the README file, AND Read documentation (below)

Documentation – aka your "must-reads"
   Newbie documentation
   Existing users documentation (incl advanced topics)

   NFO workshop (2hr)Powerpoint slideshow of most features

Music collection with extensive MP3/ID3 tags?
   How to convert ID3 tags to an MIT database
   Download these 2 files:* Program (change xyz to .xlsm extension)Formatter (change xyz to .mte extension)
     * Right click/choose option: Save as, save link as, download linked file

Links for tools (referenced in the docs)
   Got accents? Help me rename files (uses google sheets functions)
   Database updater (unsupported): If have access to a large trusted db, this updates your own. Contact Murray

Got a Mac?
   Instructions to run on Macs
    To install Win10 on VirtualBox and set up Dance Hall display. For help, see link for Phil below
   Instructions to run on Macs (Parallels)   Not free; use if prefer Parallels. For help, see link for Phil below

– Runtime error 50003?  Use OldOS version [select download option, change xyz to .exe extension]

Questions?   Ping Murray     Help with Mac installations, email Phil     To compliment Neil (but don't spam him!)
If above email links don't work for you:   Murray is mspiegel[]   Phil is philip.h.mason[]