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Morristown Folkdancers

Morristown Folkdancers is one of the oldest groups in NJ, and we're still going strong. Come join us!

Our dancing draws from the dance traditions of Eastern and Western Europe, the Balkans, Israel, England, Scotland, Greece, Turkey and Russia. Partners are not needed.

We meet every Wednesday night, all year 'round.

During the "school year," we especially welcome beginners with a basics session for the first half hour. Teaching of more intermediate-level or advanced dances follows, with open dancing after that. See the detailed schedule below for meeting times and cost.

Our dancing home is the Mountain Lakes Community Church.
Here are directions as text and here is a nifty map.  This is Public transportation to and from NYC (only on the weekends).

Special events:
The first Wednesday of each month is party night, where we recognize our birthdays and anniversaries. Our annual dinner dance is in late spring, featuring a pot-luck meal of great delectables. The Wednesday closest to Halloween is costume night, where everyone brings horrorble snacks. During the year, we have workshops, featuring nationally famous choreographers.

Get your reservations in early! Here's a flier with all the information.

7:30-8:00 pm: Basics / Beginner Teaching
8:00-8:30 pm: Intermediate/Advanced teaching
8:30-11:00 pm: Open dancing
Summer Schedule: 8:00-11:00pm - no beginner teaching

Supporters: $5, others $6 (First-timers get their 1st visit free during regular dance evenings.)

MFD's most popular dances of last year and all years we've used the laptop.
Morristown Folk Dancers exclusively uses Neil Rosen's MITPlayer for its programming needs. It's simply magnificent, with many special features for running folkdance sessions. Get it here!


MFD's 40th anniversary party!

MFD's 35th anniversary party (Click picture for higher-resolution image)

Pictures from NJ's 6th Annual Folk Dance Fest in May 2014, hosted by Morristown Folk Dancers. 143 dancers, 5 states, from 11 groups - Wow! The pics are here.

NJ's First Folk Dance Fest in April 2009 was hosted by Morristown Folk Dancers. We had 102 dancers from 11 groups. The pics are here.

Contacts for further information:
973-787-4614, or 973-228-5966.
Or contact us via email:
Murray Spiegel - mspiegel{at sign here}
Helen - helenblum37{at sign here}
Sally - sallybmartin{at sign here}

Here are MFD's recipe books:

Recipe book from MFD's Dinner Dance Parties Newest entries at top.

Recipe book from MFD's International Cookie Party

Here are good resources with folk dance instructions:

Instructional videos of MFD dances from our own group

Dick Oakes' PhantomRanch

Andrew Carnie's list of pages with Folkdance notes
Andrew Carnie's old list of notes (temporarily, more complete)

Dance instructions from Evansville group

Dancilla's dance instructions and videos galore! Click "Search>>" button on Left panel

LOTS and lots of Balkan, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian music and videos from Dunav, a non-profit group in Jerusalem

Bob Shapiro's list of dance notes

The Internet Archive (aka "The WayBack Machine") collection of out-of-print 78s and vinyl recordings of dances (hundreds of mp3s!)

Many great videos of Balkan, Israeli, etc ...

Great list of dance descriptions and resources

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Happy Dancing!

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